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iframe buttons for spy reports : • TEXT ALERTS - incoming attack / architect / researcher / urgent misc. event etc... • omega kings allied pact etiquette and rules... • guild history, history of tyler's wow days, about our alliance banner... TOOLS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ grass ice sand fire empire defense guide renegades^V^V^ empire attack guide king tyler's immortal soldier technique saving coins farming rubies zipper recruiting construction business building and troop order swaps when to spend rubies. when not the best way to use auto fill - blocking flanks, etc alt accounts triggering building discounts (after saving up rubies) orchestrating easy troop heals and recruitments with fast clicks, -4 +1 to save 50%, graphic settings color coding your gear for ease of access and utility event guidelines feast renegades commander's gear @tt@ck coolown 20% for coin - event --- speed - attack~Ranged&Melee - glory - gear - honor - resource - wall / gate